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Phishing has reached Tercas Bank

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The phishing or the dispatch of an email message that simulates, graphics, and an institution that attempts to steal login information to the unfortunate recipient has finally noticed the service Internet Banking for Bank Tercas .

Here's what I found in the fact inbox this morning:

  Today, the Internet banking is increasingly a point of contact with the customer.
 This is demonstrated by the fact that this type of relationship between the bank and the user is facing
 increasing success.

 The Tercas, always sensitive to customer satisfaction, offers
 a product that provides considerable benefits in terms of cost savings and
 the timing of some of the traditional window operations.
 Tercas Internet banking allows you to communicate electronically with the Fund,
 24 hours on 24, for receiving information services and devices without the application
 the monthly fee.

 Please confirm your account.

 Before confirming the form, please ensure that you:
 - Filled both sides of this form
 - Attached to your letter of safety.

 Thank you for your cooperation.

Annex, at bottom, an HTML page that follows the login page of the Internet service of Bancking Tercas

ABSOLUTELY DO NOT, but if you try to send the form, it seems to be redirected on the page itself to Bank Tercas but before all the data entered in the form attached to the mail is sent to the IP address, which certainly does not belong Banca Tercas unless it has decided to open a branch in China.

The address belongs in fact to a server located in the city of Shenyang , in Liaoning province of China.

As always it is good practice to never use the forms included in the e-mail and do not follow links that may be present but never open a browser and type by hand the address of your Internet banking service.

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2 Responses to "Phishing has reached Bank Tercas"

  • Paul writes:

    Interesting. But you have an account at Tercas? Where they will take your address?


    Emiliano Bruni Reply:

    Yes, but does not show up on my personal account but on the company.


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