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This morning I was in Montesilvano as a support and an instructor in some of the simulation for the training of volunteers for civil protection and health of the " Civil Protection Volunteers Corps . " He and two nurses of the 118 local health Pescara I did see the use of cord with appurtenances, the stretcher and patient extrication car accident without the use of KED .

Group photo of the event

After a couple of simulations even if the time, the tyrant, did not allow us to try all the simulation set up in that, since there are well coordinated, we understood that we must only show the tools and know when one of the simulation now some of us had made other commitments. But surely there will be other times in the coming weeks where to enter and revise what you did today, for example, the KED.

However, because of the good weather, the enthusiasm of volunteers of Montesilvano and the attention of the instructors, a beautiful morning of training, even for us who do these things often but, newly, there is never a bad thing because it is also when you have to explain to others what to do, how, when and why do do you know that if you master the techniques, or if you, too, have forgotten that little something to be dusted off.

If you have not participated in the day, you can get an idea of what has happened thanks to photos of the president of Andrea Galleri

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