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911 Emergency ROCKsponse - Paramedic Rap

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Today I present to you a funny video made by paramedics, I think Canadians, who described the operation steps of an intervention on patients in cardiac arrest in a manner at least unusual, using rap music.

Reported what I was able to translate the video. If anyone finds any inaccuracies or wants to integrate the translation are ready to accept any intervention.

The original text in bold, with the normal font and the translation and any notes in italics to understand the text.

Good CRP :-D

[To understand what is said to radio]

Check my environment - I check the scene.
The first step of any intervention is to check the safety of the scene

What do I see - What do I see?

No mechanism of injury - Nothing, the scene and 'safe

He's right up here - It 's here, we have found

One casualty - the victim

Better Put On Our PPE - Better put the personal protective equipment (PPE)
Cell PPE, Personal Protective Equipment

Arrive to the patient - We are approaching the patient

Make sure we Have Our consent - but make sure we have your consent

Our service we Represent - we represent our services
Here I did not understand :-D

and a lawsuit is What We Want to Prevent - and a cause that's what we want to prevent
As for the U.S., in Canada, the first thing you think is to avoid legal problems

Clear the airway of phlegm - clear the airways of mucus

Now grab the bag with the BVM - then take the mask with Ambu
BVM is the bag valve mask that is our Ambu bag

He's VSA - No vital signs
VSA = Vital Sign Absence

Not alive - not alive

Start CPR - cardiopulmonary resuscitation start
CPR = Cardiopulmonary resuscitation

and he'll survive - and survive '

Check to see if go in 2 Breaths - Check if two rescue breaths are effective
In the old protocol there were these two breaths, right?

Now chest compression can begin - and now can start chest compressions

It's a ration of 30:2 - With a ratio 30 to 2
2 breaths in CPR are made every 30 chest compressions

Let's call dispatch for Another crew - call and ask for support for another crew

White to right - The white right
Perhaps the power of the DAE has white on the right, black left??

smoke over fire - throw gasoline on the fire

The AED is what we require - the defibrillator and 'what we need

Put the pads on and analyze press - Place the plates and press "Analyze"

The voice tells us: "Shock required" - The voice tells us: Recommended download

I'm clear, you're clear, are all clear - I'm away, you're on, all I'm gone

No pulse, continue CPR - Pulse absent. ... Continue with CPR

Love me please calm down for me - ma'am, please, calm down, do it for me

I'm Trying top work here - I'm trying to work here

can not you see? - can not you see?

Your husband's heart rate is zero - Your husband had a cardiac arrest

And I'm Trying to Be a hero - and I'm trying to be a hero

Glascow Coma Scale of 3 - 3 GCS
GCS is a scale for measuring the state of coma in a patient. 3 is the minimum.

I hope this guy will not puke on me - I hope that I do not vomit on me

King LT is what I'll use - King LT and 'what I will use
King LT is a suitable intubation cannula fast that simplifies this process

No gag reflex he can not refuse - no gag reflex, can not 'refuse
On a conscious patient to insert a cannula causes gag reflex and expulsion of the cannula may also vomit. In a comatose patient does not.

Does your husband haves and history - Your husband has a history
Starts the collection of information called WIDE

That Would help us solve this mystery? - We can help solve this mystery?

Does he have any health Complications - Do you have any health problem

And is he On Any medications? - Or take some medicine?

Now let me see if I recall - now let me see if I remember

Metoprolol Takes My husband - My husband takes Metoprolol
The Metoprolol is a drug antiischemico

A nitro spray - Nitroglycerin spray
The nitroglycerin is used to treat heart failure

And ASA - aspirin and
Acetylsalicylic acid (ASA) , which is used as antiaggreggante platelet thrombi and to prevent clots

H That Also Takes Every Day - This is what it takes every day

Oh, I forgot to mention - Oh, I forgot to say that

Also He has hypertension - have high blood pressure

He does not have any allergies - it has no allergy

Do what you can - Do whatever you can

just save HIM, please - but save it for pleasure.

Light and sirens - Flashing lights and sirens

CTAS 1 - back in red
CTAS is the Canadian Triage and Acuity Scale . A "1" corresponds to the highest degree of emergency equivalent to our color code "red"

You give it a squeeze - Get two strokes

Just for fun - Just for fun

I'll patch out with us in ETA - will alert to correct our time of arrival

And Let Them know tha we're on the way - and make them know they are on the road

Name, Age Chief Complain - name, age, condition of the patient

Adjust the restraint tube Tomas - Freeze the endotracheal tube

It's not the time to take a rest - is not the time to take a break

Harry, Get Back On That chest - Soon, it starts to massage

I think I've got a radial - I think I heard the beat radial

Do you want to take and how to feel? - Want to try it you feel it?

Is he alive? Is he awake? Oh, God we made a huge mistake - It 's alive? E 'Awake? Oh God we made big mistake

We left the patient at His house! - We left the patient at home.

Then who is this? - And who is this then?

Well that's His spouse - Well, 'his wife ...

Does you husband Have a DNR? - Her husband has a DNR
DNR is the statement not to resuscitate (Do Not Resuscitate)

That we can document On Our ACR - so that we can bring our confirmation report
ACR stands for ambulance call report, we relate to each intervention

Hurry're Almost Out Of Time - Hurry, there is little time

Better think of one more line cleaver - You better think of something smarter

Get your checks to beat the sheet - Answer all questions to complete the document

To make the scenario complete - and make full description

No Simmen Were harmed in the making of this video - no dummy mistreated during the making of this video.

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