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The Italian community of Ubiquiti

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The Ubiquiti Net works (UBNT) I had already spoken in my previous post where introducevo the Bullet, a beautiful radio made ​​by this manufacturer.

UBNT products are used on our network as both CPE and as a point to point equipment.

If you look at ' list of their products , and I have said in my previous post, the first thing you notice is the aesthetic beauty as well as the functional then. Now I know why too. Not surprisingly, the CEO of this company he worked at Apple for two years : D

But, those who live on the wireless world, knows that the problems and abnormal situations are common and that is why the comparison and interaction among the users of a wireless product is of paramount importance to compare different experiences and trying to fix bugs, anomalies, and various issues.

Obviously a further stimulus to the interaction takes place if the various parties belong to your same language.

That's why it was really important for me today to discover the Italian community of users of products that can be found UBNT, communicate and compare their experiencer of this forum .

Definitely a place I will visit often in the days ahead.

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