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Google map of the human body

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Google has always been impressed with their baked goods from their labs. And today, after having mapped the earth, the moon, the stars came to map the body.

A page from which you can navigate interactively through the structures that make up our body. And 'the Google Browser body , working through WebGL , and therefore are viewed with the latest versions of popular browsers, the beta of Google Chrome, Firefox 4 beta on WebKit Nightly Safari on Mac OS X 10.6.

For those who want to try it, the easiest thing is to just download the beta of Google Chrome e. So you can navigate between the various structures of the human body, enabling or disabling various levels, removing the skin, internal organs, the skeletal, nervous and circulatory. It 'can also use the internal search engine to search for the location of individual items.

If you're curious, but you do not want to install a new browser or upgrade what you have, you can enjoy the last home prodottino Google in this video.

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