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Knowledge of the theory of radio amateur: sufficient

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Today I received the results of the examination for the license of Amateur Radio that I argued in Sulmona November 18 . Apparently proved suitable for obtaining the license.

And before they get the criticism about the score, I would point out that it did not surprise me at all because I had been warned in advance.

The same score was in fact obtained by my colleague in the practical test of Morse and he, conscious of having done a test instead of the edge of perfection, had called to demand an explanation.

So before we escape the comment on the outcome of the undersigned, know that the theory test, practical test as well as in the now abolished, are two possible outcomes: sufficient or insufficient. Do not ask why it is so. I just wonder, "but it would be better to write then eligible or not eligible?"

However, a big step for obtaining the names of amateur radio has been exceeded. Now on with the other steps .

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5 Responses to "Knowledge of the theory of the Amateur: sufficient"

  • Belvenuto on board!
    73 Alain de


  • Max writes:

    but remember correctly, or the Morse code is no longer 'used in radio communications? ...


    Emiliano Bruni Reply:

    Of course that is used ... in fact there is a rebirth of Morse. What is new is that the amateur has been removed from the examination that was previously divided into theory and practice, the bit in fact. Now there is only the theoretical part.


  • On the revival would not know eh ...
    In addition to any computer enthusiast who shall (and I assure you that very few compared to ten years ago) services that previously were made in telegraphy are almost all been replaced.
    Just think of the ships before they had the telegraph, and now no more.


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