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How to open a command prompt in Windows

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The command prompt is the character-based interface is a way to give commands to the computer via the keyboard and getting answers to calculations by the written text. This approach derives from the way they interact with the first computers that was through text terminals. The command prompt is also called CLI, command line interface from English.

On Windows, the CLI is called, precisely "command prompt" or, in older versions "prompt DOS .

We see several ways to open the command prompt on Windows systems. All methods are practically equivalent and allow us ultimately to open the following window where you can give the command text to our PC.

The first method is to open and then the Start button, click Run / Run and enter the command "cmd" and then beating the submit button.

In Vista and later systems, you can directly enter the above command in the search box in the Start menu.

As another alternative, the "command prompt" in the menu "Programs -> Accessories -> Command Prompt."

Finally, the command prompt can be opened from any folder to "Windows Explorer" by pressing the shift key and clicking on an area "white" with the right mouse button. Besides the usual menu items, you will see a "Open command prompt here", selected, open the command prompt in the current folder.

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