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NUE 112, something is moving slowly

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Over a year and a half ago I spoke of the NUE 112 single emergency number, present in almost all Europe, to manage public health emergencies, fire, law enforcement and others in Italy while we were still relegated to having to call different numbers, one for each type of emergency.

Well, it looks like something you are moving.

This is, for example, video in which the Lombardy region publicize the coming on stream of 112

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2 Responses to "NUE 112, something is moving very slowly"

  • Luke writes:

    Well it is a European directive that much time to even Italy is taking over ..
    For now they are doing trials in the province of Varese in Lombardy here ...

    Personally I do not like how it was "managed" or creating a super-central channel it to the current existing power plants (118/115/113 etc etc) ... we were able to duplicate at all costs.
    It was rather a unified central base where the staff was trained on classical emergencies and details then passed to the personnel in this plant ...
    at least .. IMHO!



    Emiliano Bruni Reply:

    In fact what should be done. A single control panel and not an additional layer of routing. But we know that in Italy is virtually impossible to give up the bone of power to anyone.


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