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Micso WADSL and L'Espresso this month

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The MICS and its flagship product, the WADSL are quoted in L'Express this month on measures adopted by major telecom operators to reduce the digital divide in rural areas still not served by broadband.

Reading the article notes that Micso has nothing to envy from other operators and thus can be counted among the great Italian telecommunications company.

Moreover, reading between the lines, going to see, for example, the number of users covered by municipality declared or that the annual revenue per user, you notice that says more about who has more or less, since the correct values

such as Aeolus and Micso while anomalous data are given by Air claiming to have 100 users per common AEMcom who claims to have, in a single municipality, 10,000 wireless users WADSL. The figure of Mandarin is probably rather less than stated as having only said covering Sicily, I took the total number of Sicilian towns and this has probably distorted the calculation of common users for how much, probably, Mandarin does not cover throughout the island.

However, it seems the latest articles, recently more and more often Micso speaks locally and nationally. It will be a good or bad?

Column1 Turnover 2009 Users Municipalities Users by city Revenue per user
Aeolus 6,000,000 83000 3100 27 72
Linkem 30000 - -
AEMcom 100000 1 100000 -
Micso 1,000,000 20000 890 22 50
Mandarin 2000 390 5 -
Air 20000 200 100 -
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