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Invitation to an experiment in distance learning

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They crossed two exigent circumstances. On the one hand having to experience a platform for distance learning and the other having to take the next Monday, a lecture on the use of radio transmitters.

Then I said: why not combine business with pleasure and create a test platform for live event and conference?

For this reason you are all invited Sunday, November 28 from 16 to around 18 at this event technology.

If you are interested in radio, if you are intrigued by new technologies or if you just want to spend 5 minutes to see what the hell it is, well, Come to visit me.

To participate in the event you just need a browser with support for Macromedia Flash Player , what to see movies from YouTube for instance.

To access the conference, go to the login page , enter your name and / or your nickname, the id of the conference is "radio" and the password is, this event is "123456" without the quotes . In short, the page should look like this below, putting your name instead of my course.

If you do this from 16 to 18 on Sunday join the conference online. If you do it in a different time course you will get a nice error.

The course takes about an hour and a half but I wait for you all, even for a greeting and away, hoping not to break our conference server. Ah, admission is free : Lol:

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