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Cheap internet in San Giovanni Teatino (PE)

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From "The Center on 29 September 2010:

It will sail early in the Internet with low cost rates in San Giovanni Teatino . In the coming weeks will work in the city WiFi network created by the city to bring wireless broadband throughout.

This project is funded by the municipal administration, citizens will be able to connect to the Internet with wireless technology, concluding rispoetto subscriptions priced contracts offered by the traditional giants of telephony and network.

The company, which deals with the creation and management of low cost Internet service, the Pescara Micso , awarded the tender procedure, has already taken steps to cover 95% of the territory, and then, once activated the repeater, the signal will to go online, will arrive in almost all homes and public places.

Wireless technology involved is "hiperlaned ( HiperLAN ed) that promises many advantages as an alternative to traditional cable Internet network, of which the area is already equipped.

With the municipal WiFi facility are secured guaranteed bandwidth, elimination of fixed costs and canono and price.

The project was implemented by a system of microwave radio that delivers broadband fiber optic network from the territory of San Giovanni, where the signal is picked up by repetition devices.

The City will use the network for video surveillance and remote monitoring equipment.

The residential users can get Internet connection to the monthly cost of 8 € plus VAT, with a one-off cost of € 70 for activation.

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