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Stroke of St. Martin 2010 - Video arrival

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Among the many things that I worked for the Race of St. Martin , which was held in Controguerra November 14, 2010, is a return, with a fixed camera placed on arrival, all athletes to be used both in the case of a dispute for the judges and for future reference.

Unfortunately, being busy with other beaches during the course of the race, I was not physically there to start shooting before the arrival of the first place but I had delegated timekeeper to start it. But the latter, of course, engaged in their work, if they are forgotten by starting the recovery from the 55 minutes of the race and then losing a ten-minute arrivals.

They tell me, however, that there is a recovery officer, who, however, still have not seen the first 100 arrived and so my hope is that by combining the two films are unable to have a full arrival.

However, I posted the video on the site ControguerraTV and I'll propose again below.

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