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Love song about masturbation

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And 'the story of us all, poor sfigatelli, at parties in high school, we inevitably innamoravammo of the most beautiful of the school and suffered from the pains of hell to see her go off with the coolest school. And we, in our limpid innocence, let him go, promising eternal love and masturbation dedicating all our futures. But the hero is always get paid for love, but from a different direction.

And it is in the following video, subtitled in Italian, which our prophet of overseas , who in the past had given us pearls of infinite wisdom , sums up the frustration and pain of those days.

In the video, also as a special guest, Tiffany Dupont , already seen in some episodes of CSI and Melrose Place and Chris Carmack of CSI Miami, Smallville and The OC

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