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Thanks, on the other side

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Thanks to the receptionist that night, while my father tried to take my mother unconscious, has continued to provide all necessary information with ease and professionalism, keeping in line until relief arrived.

With rescuers caring, professional ... and yes, thanks also to the boy who did not know where to look embarrassed as the doctor spoke with my mother.

Thanks to that guy who, one morning I had not noticed the ambulance and I was still asleep, we stand before he opened the door to my colleagues to get out, smiled at me with tenderness without saying anything - and good teenager that I was, he managed to make me worry for a while longer for my hair matted to the situation.

Thanks to volunteer at the concert in Rome on May 1, after nearly bringing me into the arms of the awning PC because I did not stop throwing up, did not listen to the doctor (or nurse) that I had relegated to the category of alcoholics without even sfattoni- listen to me, but decided to take my temperature and ... "Bingo! 're better than a water heater, "so taking care of my heat stroke.

Thanks to all the volunteers of the PC and the Red Cross met in the Piedmont flood of L'Aquila in 2000 and last year: yes, the Scouts are part of the PC and manage whole tent cities have been viewed with great success, of course with the fundamental presence of all other types of volunteers: everyone does what he knows, and that's how you get the results.

With laughter made ​​the rescuers intervened for a broken arm of a little girl, who had worried more for my breath my cheeks purple Fantozzi and by dint of up and down the mountains to call for help, not to the status of the child.

But sin for those rescuers (already has happened more than once) that minimized the pain of my mother, not realizing that rather than reassure, the were humiliating.

Too bad for all smugly met in PS, almost like you want to spend 7-8 hours in a fun atmosphere.

Too bad .... Well, I realize that is no longer the "thank you" that sin! so ...

Thanks to everyone who comes into the house with a "Hello Madam, my name"

Thanks to those who does not minimize

Thanks to those who gives smiles

Thanks to those who do not underestimate no symptoms

Thanks to those who are responsible

Thanks to who gives his time for "us"

Thanks to those who are tired after a day of work, or rocked especially hard by a speech, or upset by the constant thoughts of their daily lives, it still has the strength to do their job with dedication, care and kindness

Thanks to those who can play down, and he knows the right time to do

Thanks to all of you who are not super heroes, super heroes do not consider yourself, but take much more of them.

Thank you to all of us.

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