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System for chest compressions in Milan

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After entering the trial, ambulances basic ECG, now the center of Milan introduces the 118 trials of LUCAS , a mechanical system to automatically perform external chest compressions

Some people find it useful, who depersonalizing, who says he will waste even more time and so on. I am of the opinion that it may be useful in certain conditions. One is certainly the case in which rescuers are reduced in number and then have an automatic aid guardian of a rescuer can only be an advantage.

The other case situations are particularly severe in young patients. In fact, one of the statistically worst things in cardiopulmonary resuscitation is the interruption of external chest compression so much so that even the new guidelines , introducing the massage while charging the defibrillator, confirm this.

It is true that theoretically does not move until the patient is stable, but has already happened, with very young patients in cardiovascular arrest, the doctor decides, after 30/40 minutes of resuscitation is not effective and that even with defibrillator discharge of transport the same patient to the emergency room.

In these cases it is practically impossible to perform effective chest compressions during the stretcher, loaded, unless you use maneuvers, maybe even beautiful to behold ;-) but that definitely put the rescuer in danger and the team

and especially during transport where, at best, can stand with one hand and massaging each other.

So I see it very well this tool involved in these situations. As long as it is in situ BLSD you run the "human", if you decide for various reasons, under the responsibility 'of the 118 physician, the patient should be transported even if it is stopped, then we take this tool, and so it sticks to the emergency room.

Here's a video on using this tool.

What do you think?

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3 Responses to "System for chest compressions in Milan"

  • Luke writes:

    Oh beautiful ... but it's trial had been made long ago and I know it was blatantly wrecked a number of logistical issues also operate the device ...

    I do not remember the last instructor course was cited as outstanding trial ... bho?!


    ps: I agree with the fact that massage should never be stopped by force of circumstances, but when the patient moves ... but you can not rub lucas will complicate the many movements and, above all, the patient arrives in the house loading worse than a pack of mountain climber rescue defibrillator, oxygen, cloth carrying bag ... and lucas! : D


    Emiliano Bruni Reply:

    Obviously, that's why I said that, though possibly after millions of minutes, you decide the same transport of ACC, then you risk you take in that moment, the lucas and climb. Bring him back to the patient arriving would be disastrous :-D


  • Luke writes:

    I have not directly participated in the trial but a chat "informally" with colleagues involved had reported that the protocol was "how Sherpas" : P



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