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The indifference of the crowd

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And 'these days, the case of the girl punches a boy for a minor brawl in a row on the ticket, in a coma because of the blow and fall.

In this event, of which there is a video taken from surveillance cameras is primarily reflect the indifference of the people. All to question and be shocked that no one has come forward to help the girl and all around to watch without doing anything.

Well, there is little to be shocked and say, "Ah, if I was there I would definitely not meant like that." Not so. It 's a normal psychological attitude, and I, until recently, I would have done the same. The basic idea is: "Not knowing what to do, I'm waiting for them to watch someone do something."

Unfortunately the attitude of the crowd around a person on the ground, especially if unconscious, is it.

As rescuers we often get to emergencies and find quiet around people he is talking about this and even less when, at center stage, there is an unconscious person.

And 'the attitude of a social group that not knowing how to behave, attends as a spectator waiting for someone to do something. Indeed, often, the call to 118 is a gesture that many even require thinking, "Okay, so someone else will do it." Often, in fact, to call people who are in some way, are in some weapon (police, traffic, or other, perhaps out of service).

That's why the board at all a first aid course to learn how to do the simple steps of the ' ABC (Airway, Breathing and Circulation) to the BLS . Maneuvers that each of us can do with a minimum of training using, as he said once a the only tax of their own hand.

It 'a course that you also change the mental approach to this type of situation because you know that instead of a passive spectator and you have to do something. Moreover, being the standard things to do well, if properly treated, they become an automatic behavior. If we become rescuers then also the "fear" to call 118 since disappeared, dealing every day with the operations center, you know what you are asked, answers will be simple and concise, you describe exactly what the doctors 118 need to define the event, frame the issue and activate the media and people are appropriate in the event.

One could argue that, in this particular case, the chick had a brain trauma, and then there was little to do without medical care. But no. Maybe the chick, as well as trauma, has also had a fall back of the tongue obstructing the airway exacerbate the lack of oxygen to the brain. In this case, someone with a little practice, could have solved this problem at least subluxated the jaw and restoring the proper flow of oxygen to the brain.

Maneuvers which are explained in a dozen classes of first aid.

The advice is to find some 'time to devote to this activity because tomorrow could be your relative or friend who needs your help.

Below is the video of ByoBlu that analyzes and comments on the event.

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5 Responses to "The indifference of the crowd"

  • sauce wrote:

    Yesterday I went with the car on the coast at a point where, moments before, three men hijacked four girls, stealing a bag and dropping one of them on the ground.
    I called 113 and I was there to keep them company until the wheel has come


    Emiliano Bruni Reply:

    Bravo sauce. But stop and render aid to 4 children is not :-D


  • Max writes:

    I agree with what you say, because it is a situation that happens to everyone at least
    once in a lifetime, Elder in trouble on the bus, someone who
    feel ill in the street, at the beginning of a fire. I think there is much more
    behind this behavior, perhaps it would be the presence of people would be civil
    greater if children already in school, teach them first aid courses.
    I conclude with a note of the controversy surrounding the incident ticket: sometimes
    I would be more 'happy to see any police officer or police officer in piu' around
    rather than a couple of cameras ...


    Emiliano Bruni Reply:

    Yeah, especially when looking at the telecare live, there are none.


  • Max writes:

    [Controversy ON]
    would be less if there was someone watching, the problem is that
    should prevent things like this: if someone does a serious damage to
    my person that will lead to problems for the rest of my life, I
    matters little that a camera has taken over the crime, now the
    damage is done. By the way, but the police district you have never seen? ...
    [Controversy OFF]


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