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When health is lost in a glass of water

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I can justify that a patient of an elderly booked at 8:00 am is then carried out at 13.30. I can understand that because of patients not discharged on Saturday for aggravated health condition has not been possible to leave an hour before bed. I will not blame anyone, let alone the nursing staff and support.

But that is not justified and that the elderly, waiting to be admitted at 8.00 am they were left for five hours not knowing if and when they were hospitalized.

A simple manager who does not say much, but at 9.00, when it is clear that you are not able to free enough beds and that you need to wait for the next visit, discharge of other patients, the preparation of the new posts and so on, a manager who will take it that comes responsibility and was paid out to warn that before 13:30 there was a possibility of having a bed.

In this way, those who wished, could go home, maybe someone would go to a coffee at the bar, someone else for a ride and perhaps many would have remained there, but with the certainty of a time, a goal certainly not alone, as it was, to fret the liver every five minutes in the hope that "maybe you get." Well organized and maybe you would, if instead of at 13.30 and the bed was found at 13.20 all happy to have earned ten minutes.

And the primary goes to 9.30 and says, 'a little' and found the bed this lovely lady. " My hope is that this sentence was dictated only by not being informed on the situation

I do not want to think of evil, I do not think that these delays are caused by improper management of the beds are the norm and I think that would be caused by an exceptional situation, but the exceptional situation was explained to users so that was not left in limbo those who do not know what to do or where to go.

Do not get lost so, in a glass of water.

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One Response to "When health is lost in a glass of water"

  • Max writes:

    how to disagree with you;
    think a friend of mine once waited from 7.00
    am to 16:00 only to be informed that
    could be operated, of course, was fasting and not informed
    minimally dell'andazzo the situation.
    Yet little attention is sufficient, a minimum of interest in the
    patient (which is ultimately the taxpayer and their clients ...)


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