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ANPAS National Meeting 2010 - Report

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Telling a three-day meeting is difficult. Difficult because the impression is very, very subjective. Maybe some have a past like three days fooling around and then he spent in joy. Maybe some have spent dealing with the preparation and cooking of victuals and then was absolutely exhausting. Maybe some have spent trying to sort the thousands of volunteers coming in, in the various tents in response to any problem and request them and has made a continuous headache. Some have spent assembling the tents, taking turns to clean the bathrooms for the service driveway for access to the camp and burned the head has run Scazzi day and night, there are those who did courses, tutorials and simulations and has run so much fun.

Fitting curtain air Piedmont

This probably was, for many, the 2010 meeting ANPAS Couples (AQ). And for me? My personal experience, however, can be summed up in a little 'boring with little interesting moments.

But first things first. I have already told the assembly of the tents on Saturday on which I will not dwell. Departure for the first official day of meetings by Green Cross at 7.30. This, so to speak because, in reality, it leaves at around 10 since it went to load the first 50 damigianette of wine for hungry poor in the field and 40 fire extinguishers for the safety of tents. If you add that we had to be ten to climb and instead, in the end we are only three, you can guess right away that this meeting does not start auspiciously. We arrived around 11 am, however, and for the next few hours, they are wandering around the field without knowing who they are, what they do.

Are also presented to those of advanced medical as my request it was to be assigned to this facility to try to understand and learn more about how to run the camp. Unfortunately, I receive feedback from those of PMA completely negative. Be ignored even in the simplest tasks, like hanging curtains to separate the various areas of the PMA. Disappointed abandon the PMA just in time to attend and return the opening press conference of the event and, in particular, the tough and effective operation of our president Dr. Marcello Monti.

After the press conference, the only thing to expect is the lunch offered by the mobile dell'ANPAS Tuscan cuisine, a dish of pasta with tomato sauce and a main course consisting of tuna, tomatoes and more that I do not remember that border and barely enough.

And it is during lunch that I get a cold shower. Apparently my colleague and I must do a tour of duty, absolutely out of the program, at the marquee placed in Capitignano in anticipation of the earthquake.

From 14.00 to 20.00 so we are out of the meeting to preside over nothing. A boring and, luckily, I had brought along a novel by Preston & Child otherwise I would have gone mad.

On the way back there waiting for dinner, this time a nice hot soup and a main course with slices of roast beef and potatoes very good. After dinner I discovered that nobody in fire extinguishers discharged from our midst and then, despite the fatigue, I am finally happy in having something to do.

Once distributed fire extinguishers, are nothing more than to return home with a headache that progresses then collapse on the bed waiting for a better tomorrow.

In fact, the best start on Saturday. Firstly, we are 15 volunteers in the green cross to rise, so even if you were to do nothing all day, the company is insured. I also choose a van full of maidens and then the journey is welcomed by the chirping of the rear rows.

Green cross of pink villa in the meeting

We arrive at the event and immediately a cold shower. Apparently it's an exercise in the course of which we knew nothing and that, therefore, we lose. Disappointed, we take advantage for a few rounds of billiards and a detour to the bar to make up for the eyes with the beautiful bartender.

Between a discussion, the purchase of a helmet, supervising the assembly of a tent, the morning goes by weak but cheerful waiting in line for lunch. Obviously the green cross, this is in the front row.

All ANPAS meeting for lunch at L'Aquila

A nice plate of pasta and cold, as the second, meat and salad is what we need to hearten and strengthen the volunteer. If we then put the ice cream gelatozzo of the mall, then I think we just charge the batteries for the highlight of the meeting: the progress on the START protocol in big emergencies which I'll discuss in the near future.

The end of the course coincided with the end of my participation in this meeting. Tomorrow is the parade of volunteers m I will not attend. As I leave you readers with this video which sets a few moments of meeting

I give you a goodbye to the meeting ANPAS 2011.

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