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YAPC:: EU 2010 Social Running

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A fine time for sports and aggregation was held Friday morning, August 6th in the conference " Yet Another Perl Conference Europe - YAPC:: EU 2010 "held in Pisa with the creation of a quick jog Running 10 miles on dirt path along the canal Navicelli

Present but few good participants representing different countries

Social runners at YAPC:: EU 2010

From left to right we find in fact signed by Italy, Salvador Fandiño Portugal, Italy Flavio Poletti, John Scoles Canada, Terje Kristensen Norway and finally to the right, Rafiq Gemmail from Britain.

Departure at 7.30 from pargheggio hotel where we were guests, and after a short walk along the busy Via Aurelia, we reach the bridge that allows us to move across the channel, our starting point.

Completely flat path that begins with a paved road and then stop just before the bridge that links Florence, Pisa, Livorno. Hence, for two kilometers along the stretch with a virtually dirt dorsena

Then, entered the village of La Vettola "the road changes to become a compact clay with traces of gravel

Reached after 5km, under the bridge dell'A12 going back to complete the circuit. Circuit performed solo on the preceding Wednesday to hand over the pace is moderate "social runners" to a great pace attestatasi about 5:20 min / km

Personally a nice social event organized by myself and thought which has doubled the number of participants actually entered on the event wiki . Personally, I hope, once solved my problems existing in the knee, to repeat the event next year in IPW2011. More photos of the trail you can find them here .

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