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Web 2.0 in the fifties

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The series of anachronisms for current services, which are mostly images have been created and advertised in the middle of last century. After the search on google 50 years ago and the tweet turn of the century , here's how creative people would imagine the advertising of some of the most popular services of Web 2.0.

Twitter, in that only 140 characters, promises to keep in touch with your friends and family by sharing information, pictures and videos and all from your portable device clearly in pure mahogany

or as this new miracle voice system called Skype phone that goes beyond your outdated and that enables you to stay in a call over the Internet from your terminal Multivac

and what about this service that promises to replace the fledgling TV, present in a few houses, and designed for a quick and painless death supplanted by YouTube, where you can watch movies, sporting events and news 24 hours to 24, with a total of 256 shades of gray

Closes the review of the products of this "Back to the Future", Facebook application that brings the miracle of social networking on your TV screens

We expect such a great future.

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