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Medical devices - sedan chair for cardiac

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The sedan chair is a folding chair equipped with wheels on the feet and handles on the back and behind the front legs. As the stretcher spoon , this garrison, is used to transport patients from the scene of illness until the emergency vehicle.

This garrison is suitable for patients who have sufficient muscle tone or to remain sediti, hence the name, for those patients who need to sit, as in the case of patients with heart problems or breathing when lying down in the stretcher spoon sharply their malaise. There is obviously used, quant 'also found the patient is sitting or standing, in the case of trauma where the only guard to use is the cord.

Using the chair is expected to open near the patient, vegono then lifted the footrest and the patient is helped to sit on. He then lowered the footrest, the arms are lowered to rest the elbows of the patient which is then stabilized with the use of two safety belts. Now you can transport the patient horizontally through the use of wheels, by sending the chair like a normal wheelchair which is operated by a single rescuer using the handles on the back.

Moving the patient upright on stairs or another, whether in the case of uphill and downhill in the case, is necessarily carried out by at least two rescuers.

First, it asks the patient to place hands on chest and not move to prevent it, for example, cling to the handrails of the stairs, unbalancing the chair with the risk of falls.

So, you approach the staircase and the second rescuer moves in front of the chair and pulls the arms placed near the patient's feet. We shall then, raising his chair, to translate the patient.

The vertical motion scales and more, with the chair, but also with all other presidents, it is advisable to follow some simple precautions:

  • Always keep hands and forearms completely relaxed to unload its cargo on their shoulders and avoid straining biceps
  • the patient goes with standing up and head out that the feet are always down
  • the translation is done with the two rescuers look at each other and then, in the case of the descent, the rescuer at the foot goes back and if you climb the rescuer at the head to go back. So that there is an immediate understanding between the two rescuers can then synchronize the rate of descent / ascent and see if the other rescuer is in trouble or if the patient tries to cling to the handrail. If there is the presence of a third rescuer, it may be helpful to the rescuer goes backwards.

  • in the particular case of the sedan chair for cardiac support is possible at any time the patient is on landings on the stairs to catch my breath and / or adjust the grip handles.

Once the rescuer at the foot vertical movement within the arms used to lift the chair.

Joints near the stretcher , the patient is disconnected from the safety belts, the arms are raised on which the patient places his elbows on the bar is raised and the patient who has supported the foot. It then helps the patient to sit and lie down on the stretcher.

The patient is then passed on emergency vehicle and the chair is folded using the central lever placed under the base and placed into the slot on the emergency vehicle.

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