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Tuesday 3 & Thursday 5 August I was engaged, along with other volunteers from the Green Cross of Villa Rosa in two evenings "advertising" on the waterfront Martinsicuro and the course of Villa Rose to show the citizens and tourists to the means and resources of this Association.

We have assembled and dismantled a tent, shown on video with what has been done over the years including our intervention seismic event of L'Aquila and our recent intervention nell'innondazione that hit some areas of our coast.

We brought back our last ambulance was immediately filled with people ready to get blood pressure, we restrained on a dummy cord with spider and appurtenances and we did a simulation of practice BLS BLSD. In particular, these simulations see me as speaker of the event directly in the field ready to try to explain to the population, with brief but concise explanation of the procedure BLS BLSD and why this protocol is so important for the survival of the patient.

On the evening of Thursday, there was also a journalist with the Corriere Adriatico who wrote a very nice piece published Friday August 13 on the pages of the newspaper Le Marche.

The photo below, I remember the evening, is just taken from this article.

Did you find your captain in the picture above?

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