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HotSpot ghost

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Writes a user of a HotSpot

Hello, I would like to know if the settings on your site are also valid for WiFi hotspots Zone. In fact, I unsuccessfully tried to connect via the 'HotSpot XYZ but although the wireless connection was strong and stable, it was not possible to open the Log page to enter the network. Managers of the spot I was not able to give any indication. Basically I was offered a service which I could use, and fortunately I did not have deadlines in place, which would make essential use of the Net

The nice thing is that we do not is one of our hotspots XYZ and then decide to contact the owner of the facility, confirms that his Hotspo NOT 'with us of course.

We respond so kindly to the customer that the HotSpot is not ours but his answer leaves us shocked

BUT how?? .... But if you expose the brand WiFi Zone?

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