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Gorge and waterfall hidden dell'Infernaccio

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The throat dell'Infernaccio is perhaps one of the most beautiful mountain routes in the chain of mountains Sibillini and Laga thanks to those of the majestic river formed by the river Tenna who created the throat that accompanies the hiker for most of the route. In this path, you can combine other visits. In particular, in this path that I'm going to propose, seen in the map of trails in the area, leave the dell'Infernaccio throat and head first to the hermitage of San Leonardo and then reach a new river, the River, a tributary of Tennyson, and the waterfall, also called a hidden waterfall.

The gorge is dell'Infernaccio Rubbiano , a fraction of Montefortino in the province of Ascoli Piceno, in the National Park of Monti Sibillini .

To reach the gorges refers to the fraction of Rubbiano just setting it to any browser or, once achieved Montefortino you follow the easy directions to the throat dell'Infernaccio. Keep in mind that the village is located on a dirt road so do not think it was wrong road when it ends, suddenly, the asphalt road. Eye, the white road should not be taken simply at one point, the asphalt ends.

Once through the village, continue for about 2 km on dirt road with some potholes "important" then go very slow on this stretch and in the end you will be on an open space to be closed by a bar.

Here starts the path identified above, you park the car and the additional 800 meters down a dirt road until you reach the River.

From the middle of this route on the left you will be accompanied by "Pisciarelli, nice drop of water from Mount Zampa, down to the valley. Our name is obviously from the fact that these falls, they fall on the road as if someone was urinating from the top.

At about 3 / 4 of this path, however, on the right, you can admire a waterfall of the river that Rio is not that we visit at the end of this path but another downstream.

Continuing accompanied us on the left from the gutter Pisciarelli going down to the river Tenna and on the right, the roar of that river, far downstream.


At the end of the road, finally reaching the entrance of the gorges and experience firsthand, for the first time, the river Tenna easily overcome thanks to a bridge.

The first meters of this path seem more uncomfortable but do not be discouraged. Climb it up to a path of average slope but then becomes completely smooth when entering the throat.

The gorge is a breathtaking beauty and one is amazed by what he managed to do a river when he was available to millions of years. Inside is definitely a must for photo "Mill" where the monks had built a small mill to grind grain

Inside the gorge you have to do a bit of up and down steep average gradient on earth and rock stuff but it is 10 minutes. In fact, cross the gorges, there appears a very relaxing piece of the whole track: the crossing of a beech forest along the River. Accompanied by the sound of running water and protected by high beech is really hard not to feel relaxed and at peace with the world.

After about 15 minutes of this wealth will reach a crossroads, you can continue on the left, continuing to follow the Tenna or, as in our case, you can take the turn right, leaving the river and climb up into the beech forest to reach After about 40 minutes the hermitage of San Leonardo.

The Hermitage has a large open space in front where it is certainly possible to find a shaded area where you can stop to rest and refuel but afford the trip to high-traffic periods like the week of August as I did. The shaded areas are enough to satisfy everyone. In addition, little further back, to the point of open space, a nice fountain with the excellent mountain water will allow you to stock up on water for the last part of the crossing.

The path seen so far is suitable for virtually all children, adults and, within certain limits, the elderly since, except for some short passages in the throat, is basically a tourist route.

The last question, one that brings us to the hermitage hidden waterfall of the river Rio is also fairly easy if it were not for the last 300 meters of where landslides and rock falls, we'll have to climb over small rocks and landslides of short sections of path where the bottom is slippery. Nothing could be worrying for health of the adults but if you have children behind that is another thing.

We must say that I did, I brought my two children of 5 and 7 years to the waterfall, but hidden, in the most stricken I had to do as Charon, pass before a child and then go back and steer the other and if you are in a period of high turnout, you risk blocking the path and make a line of people waiting to pass.

However, apart from these restrictions the last part of this path starts from behind the fountain of the hermitage and immediately puts in the woods. The road splits at once. On the left climbs to the headwaters of the Rio, very difficult path to the right will take an easy path to the top level, which goes into the woods. The trail will decline slowly until, after about a minute of 40in the valley of the river Rio.

From here you will find the last part of twenty minutes, the more difficult as I said, following the river back to the waterfall where you will find a small open space, the view of the waterfall and, for the most ardiementosi, a bathroom frozen in the small pond below. I advise you, if you want to take advantage of this option, bring the shoes of those alternatives to move in the pebble beaches to enter the water.

Dive into the hidden waterfall

At this point, after a brief rest, you will find all the way back to the parking lot with the certainty of having visited one of the most beautiful of the Sibillini mountains and the certainty of having disposed of ups and downs, so many rolls fat.

For lovers of GPS, this is below the path of my journey along this path.

but here are some photos of the day .

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