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A truly eye-catching campaign based on body painting models with the aim to fight breast cancer. And 'This is the idea of ​​creative advertising agency DDB Worldwide, Singapore. To use the sine of some models to represent some aesthetic and physical problems often faced by women by comparing the importance of correct and consistent prevention of breast cancer.

The first message makes us reflect on one of the major worries of women, one of hairdressing.

How long How long past the hairdresser and the last time you had a PAP test ?. We want also to mention all the creams and treatments that are thinking about having a big ass too?

And the classical pimples on the face, often real tragedy of modern teenagers?

The idea that this campaign wants to give is: "Women, these are the real issues or are there others? Why the difference between these problems and cancer, and the same passing between life and death.."

Ultimately, an advertising campaign, in my opinion, well done that is simultaneously reflect and smile and that certainly fixed indelibly the idea much better than with other types of messages.

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