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A nice video that compares the four generations of iPhone, mobile phones from Apple.

2G iPhone, released in June 2007, via the 3G and its evolution until recent 4G 3Gs are tested the execution time of applications and some time off and switch on the device.

I regret to note that my 3G has much in common with the old 2G and does not particularly see that there are also large differences in performance between the 3Gs and 4G. Very good, for example, the provision of off my 3G and the ignition of my 3G is comparable to 4G while in this test, is the master that the 3Gs, however, at least for now, the winner goes a bit 'everywhere .

Perhaps because of the maturity of this product seems the best melafonino 3Gs currently on the market. The 4G and the only wins for only the sharpness of the display colors, truly superior to that of previous models.

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