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Spending at the supermarket of the future

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For some of you already, for me is the future as well as a brilliant idea to speed up the supermarket and hypermarket.

Entering fact today in a small shopping center in the group Tuscan Coop I faced this shelf crammed with barcode readers.

These readers called TIMESAVER (TM) of PSS (Portable Shopping System) manufactured by Motorola, that enable customers, while shopping in the supermarket, read the barcodes of products they want to buy.

Coop inserting the card on the shelf, a reader will light and you can download it and carry it around while shopping if necessary face down, into the slot in the cart.

The PSS reads barcodes, it stores the prices, and keeps track of the total, allowing a view through the appropriate keystrokes present close to the screen.

Once at the checkout, customers return the PSS staff, and pay the amount stored in the PSS, saving the time necessary to reread all the items selected.

The system is based on an infrastructure, and Linux is no longer used only by members of the local Coop and then today I could not personally test this nice object.

However I think a better idea, which we hope will soon also on nostrri shelves.

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