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The oro-pharyngeal cannula also called Guedel cannula, is a medical used to restore and maintain the airway and serves mainly to ensure that the language of the patient goes to obstruct the passage of air to the lungs.

There are, as we see, various measures for the end of the cannula positioned exactly between the palatine tonsils. Therefore, these cannulae should not be confused with the endotracheal tube used in intubation, which is a garrison used only by nurses and / or doctor.

Guedel cannula is however also used by rescue volunteers to keep the airway so you do not have to have a helper that keeps your head in hyperextension or in cases of a traumatic incident in which you can not perform that maneuver and where the subluxation of the jaw is too difficult to maintain.

The cannula is inserted it only in patients unconscious because, when used in conscious patients, the patient reacts with the expulsion of the cannula, with Connie vomiting and cough even in the case of unconscious patient and / or cardiac arrest, the 'expulsion of the Guedel cannula and then the return of esophageal reflex, is seen as a sign of a circle that stops the practice of BLS and active reassessment of vital signs.

To introduce the cannula must first choose the correct size. We do this by placing a tube on the side of the earlobe of the patient. That length will correct the other side exactly at the corner of his mouth.

Sizes of the cannula
Measure 000 00 0 1 2 3 4 5
Color pink blue black white green yellow red orange
Length (cm) Eight 9 10

Then he iperestende the patient's head or dislocated jaw, opens the patient's mouth using the thumb and forefinger and insert the cannula in the mouth with the end of the cannula slamming on the palate.

Continue placement until you feel your palate no longer offers resistance. Then you rotate the tube at 180 ° completing the integration until the flat end of the cannula is pressed firmly against the lips of the patient.

Once inserted, the cannula can be started and / or continue with assisted respiration, preferably with the Ambu bag in case the patient does not breathe autonomously.

In the case of presence of liquid in the mouth, you can use the suction by inserting it directly into the cavity of the cannula.

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