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China and the mania for precision

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Usually, when I make purchases on eBay, I avoid buying from sellers in China and Hong Kong not because I do not trust but because I know that shipping times are very long.

This time, having to buy a hurry and without bullshit on me, I decided to pass on and dislike of the right to buy from a seller in Hong Kong. Product costs a dollar, shipping costs five dollars and estimated time of arrival of goods, two months.

Instead, the goods not only arrived after about twenty days, but as you see from the envelope,

the amount of the shipment, including postage, envelope exactly matches. Very nice addition to the description of the contents of the envelope in Italian!!

And finally, last but not least, in the envelope, in addition to cable programming, have also added, as a gadget, one of their four-color pen, perhaps, even more than the cost of cable programming.

What can I say: Long live China ;)

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