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I read today, with some uneasiness about the "Center" option to install the seafront Martinsicuro (TE) a series of road humps to reduce vehicle speeds on these sections.

Sure, the road bumps are definitely an effective deterrent to the speed limitation but what about the emergency vehicles.

We think this summer and all emergency medical ambulances that will manage the 118 on this stretch of road that are in this period, the vast majority. Who will take care of those bumps as we pass away with sirens blaring to reach the tourist drowning or grandmother taken ill. How to justify to the family and friends inevitably lost precious minutes late to slow down from a ridge to another.

Just last week we help a patient with a fracture that, all the way up to national SS16, cursed and screamed in pain for every little hole that we took. How do you handle when will bear less of the holes already present on our roads too, but all those bumps due to rumble.

All this he thought the legislature when in implementing Presidential Decree 495/1992 Regulation of the Security Council, as amended by Presidential Decree 610/96, paragraph 5, has so legislated:

[Omissa ...] and it 'not be used on roads that are preferred routes of vehicles normally used for emergency services or emergency.

So, I wonder if this truly implement dissuasive measure as we do that we must take to save lives?

If I give advice to the Mayor, the aldermen and councilors do not. Find other alternatives or avoided altogether this solution. Remember that one day, our delay due to your rumble could touch.

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One Response to "bump on the waterfront of Martinsicuro. Do not do it. "

  • Maury wrote:

    Notwithstanding that are very dangerous for two-wheeled vehicles.

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