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The following is the speech I made during the assembly of the Green Cross this evening when I'm running for the post of counselor.

Eventually I made 15th out of 17 with 16 votes. One can see that my speech has taken on many.

Jokes aside, of course thank you with all my heart to 16 friends who voted for me and as John said, if in a year I recovered sixteen votes, including three years are ready to oust the president.

That's still my message to the nation.

I would steal five minutes of your time just because, because of my youth in the social life of the green cross, some of you even know me and some people might think: "This has just arrived and already claims to control .

So I wanted to first explain that I would never, ever allowed to stand, and if I did only because friends here have asked me to do and no matter what, I was then a must publicly thank these friends for trust placed in me.

'S true, this association are only a year but I can however give valuable assistance through long experience I have of community life and other directive to allow associazioni.Giusto, who does not know me, better frame, is a founding member since 2002 and is currently vice president of a nonprofit called in Teramo TeLUG , since 2006, the board of another club called Metro Olografix of Pescara and is a founding member of a third association based in Pisa call . Finally, since 2008, councilor of majority at the municipality of Controguerra.

Regarding the scope of work, work since 1996 with an Internet Service Provider of Pescara and currently holds the functions of head of research and development.

Why I made this quick hat about my experience regarding the management and participation in other associations?

Because tonight we should not elect the rescuers of the year we should not elect friends or relatives but, for better or for worse, we elect people who were likely to handle the green cross for the next three years. And we can not and must not elect chickpeas and beans but we have to choose a homogeneous group who can work well together and is composed of people who can overcome any personal problems and conflicts for the good of the association.

In the elections we are helped to do this because the candidates already appear in lists with a consistent program and hope that though we know are often fruitless, is that choosing applicants within the same list, they are already automatically able to interact constructively and peacefully for the final goal.

In our case, this aid is not due to the fact that each of us has a personal basis, what are the features that the perfect candidate for the role of adviser should have or should have hope? I believe that they are essentially three.
The first, as you might have guess from the hat I made, and 'experience. We were fortunate to have, and I can say without any possibility of being denied one of the best teams of trainers at regional and possibly national level but we also know that nothing can really prepare impact with health emergencies but with ' experience first hand in the ambulance and many more activities we do and the more we become good at handling situations that we are to put in front.

The same thing you have to bring in the Governing Council. You must choose people who think they have a past experience to do so or feel that they are sufficiently flexible and resilient to capture this experience in no time.

The experience not as a rescuer, not as a volunteer civil defense but the experience of management of this that, for tonight we can consider holding these people so that this evening we go to vote, may, with court vision and the ferry green cross in the near future make the best decisions.

So experience is the first landmark that you have in mind in choosing the names of advisers.

The second characteristic is the steadfastness, firmness to analyze decisions, to weigh carefully a line and, to keep the line even though everyone else seems to go in another direction. If a director believes to be right with respect to a decision then he must have the ability to firmly defend its position. Also must be able to explain to others why their choice of trying to convince the undecided that its position is the right even to be the sole adviser to vote against a decision he believes is wrong and goes against the good of ' Association.

The last feature, in addition to this that, I think that is what I call democratic spirit that, as in the example above, if this Council was the only one who voted against a proposal, well when the decision is voted democratically by the Board and past, then he must have the ability to step back and take up the proposal which is no longer an option but a clear guideline of the green cross. E 'therefore essential that candidates who choose to go, have the maturity to accept the decision taken democratically and maturity to row for once the games are made without conflict or controversy outside directors.

So, here I conclude, that I ask is that when you are writing the names of your candidates, before writing each name, to stop a moment and mentally reflects: "The person I am about to add has the experience to propose useful and effective decisions for the green cross? Has the ability to discuss productively and peacefully with other members of the board without necessarily come to a clash? Has the ability to tell when it's time to loosen the leash and maturity to take a step back? "Do this mental exercise for every name, and if the candidate does not pass your exam, do not add it to your list, friend or foe both.

Now, though, or because you know me and found me in the features I mentioned that my speech or because there has, oddly convinced, you want me tonight, your vote well, thank you in advance for your donation of trust . But if you feel that others, and there are many in our group, having the characteristics listed, well votateli and vote for this I thank you now. Thanks

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