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Then you need the gel, a natural airway management.

Seriously i-gel is a medical instrument that is inserted directly above the epiglottis directly connecting the trachea to the outside thus allowing a direct route and free to the patient's lungs.

To watch video, this seems really easy to insert this tool into the mouth of a patient, very similar to inserting a Guedel airways even if the gel is obviously much deeper.

It plugs directly into the mouth making small rotations left and right

is exceeded, with a slight pressure, the palatine tonsils and introduce the i-gel at the bottom of the mouth

to definitively place the entrance of the larynx

In this way all the air blown into the patient ends up directly and certainly in the bronchi

To be sure not to get too much or too little in the mouth, the tool has notches depending on the patient's weight.

Oh, I forgot, we rescuers can use this tool, but let me say, at least for now :P

But if you are curious, have a view of the movie that explains the tool, how to prepare and insert it into the patient.

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