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8 ° Trofeo Avis Spinetoli - Paglia (AP)

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For the second consecutive year , this morning I was Pagliare del Tronto (AP) to participate in the trophy AVIS Spinetoli / straw.

A race, that this morning, really suffered because of the very hot, in fact a personal performance understated for several reasons.

First, the fear of pain in the ankle and calf made me take a slow even though, fortunately, these pains were not presented.

Moreover, for the same reason, like an idiot, I applied some ointment to warm the muscles and this, combined with intense heat, has meant that my legs are literally caught fire throughout the race.

Finally, as shown in the movie, a stunning blonde, probably in Eastern Europe, with very short shorts, He's placed in front of me for almost half of the race by preventing the undersigned to reach a concentration as to be sufficiently competitive.

However great personal satisfaction for having completed the race without stopping and also, more importantly, without personal pain.

Store owner organization can not find any flaw. Fortunately, last year, there were showers on the way to refresh body and soul especially. Ristori adequate and well managed. Navigation fully controlled and no traffic.

Excellent final refreshment with watermelon skewers and fruit at will. Goody bag so well with the usual useless bottle of wine and packet of pasta. Attached a small glove wrist, perhaps the only useful gift pack. Pity about the lack of samples of salt and / or other supplements.

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