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This morning at 5:00, I left for a two-day simulation of civil protection in L'Aquila. The event is called Yeti rescue.

The exercise, organized by SFPC - Civil Defence Training School Gran Sasso of Italy, will be the simulation of different types of intervention technical assistance, management of emergency and first test of the PA technique Gran Sasso Rescue and White Cross Teramo .

The exercise in question will require the use of specialized personnel, vehicles and equipment pitched Civil Protection and Health, within the various Public Assistance of the Abruzzo Region (already included in the regional system of emergency).

It includes a request for setting up a Relief Coordination Centre (CSC) in the City of St. Stephen Sessanio (Aq), where flow to transport, equipment and personnel of the Regional Civil Defence Column Mobile dell'ANPAS. Abruzzo.

Once the clumping of rescue is completed, by the logistics personnel Column Mobile will set up the tent city of CCS or the perimeter of the area involved, the works related to stock and service provisioning, the safety of the nest of vehicles, the installation of 10 tents P88 model for the accommodation of personnel, 3-pneumatic tents (2 for which PMA and as a secretary. The structure will be fully operational within 3 hours of the assembly, and be self-sufficient a period of 38 h, delivering meals, service and support for staff involved in relief operations.

On Saturday 08 May, will be deployed specialist teams in the following scenarios, which will be set up and made operational (timing, location and other characteristics) without the knowledge of operational staff employed.

The scenarios are set up are:

  • Hydrogeological risk
  • Search for missing
  • Accident
  • Emergency Logistics

This is the event program.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

08.00 - Meeting of the Mobile Column c / o St. Stephen junction
08.30 - Arrive in S. Stephen
09.00 am - Start of construction operations tent
11.00 - Finish construction field
12.30 - Lunch
15.00 - Random Login
20.00 - Dinner
01:00 - End of activities

Sunday, May 9, 2010

07.30 - Wake up
08.00 - Breakfast
09.30 am - Evacuation Red Zone
11.00 - End Simulation
11.20 am - Dismantling field
13.00 - Lunch

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