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Free WiFi in Controguerra

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Although active for several days was made official today to press the presence of free WiFi in the territory of Controguerra. Through this service the citizens and tourists who want to connect to Internet to download email, surfing and more will do so thanks to a system of wireless antennas placed on the roof of City Hall.

The cards are available for access at the office commecio the municipality and will, through their activation via SMS, to obtain username and password to access the service.

Coverage is, despite the impact of technology on low electromagnetic emissions (one-tenth of a watt), very wide. Consider that, by tests I've done, cover the lineup of Madonna delle Grazie up to even outdoors in the garden of my house. Obviously, because of low emitting power is such, excluded from the service, due to the historical center of the city walls.

Access to the network is in this way.

  • The user enters the area covered by the signal HotSpot 802.11b / g access point provided.
  • The user joins the network via WiFi reception research SSID appropriately advertised with posters and / or others.
  • The user attempts to navigate to a public site not present in the eventual list of those in the Walled Garden.
  • The user is redirected to the login page.
  • If the user does not have data network access, reaches a page where you are prompted to enter the phone number of a SIM-enabled, proprietary.
  • On this SIM sent a text message with the data network access.
  • The user can then enter data into the login page.
  • If the data access have been correctly entered, user gets access to the network and the proposal is a page with session data and constraints on access.
  • The user can then reach the external page request.
  • While browsing, any open session by the user is logged for compliance with Italian legislation concerning public access to the grid positions
  • The user is disconnected at his request, express or after a certain timeout set.

The above can be summarized in the diagram below.

The whole system is obviously in accordance with current legislation in terms of access to the Internet from public locations and in fact, for example, SMS is just to associate the user with a mobile phone number and then, consequently, an identity document.

The system is based on the platform Wi4Free .

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