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Field guide Yeti Rescue

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We finally survived two days of great personal growth and a safe time to be cohesion between the various groups who participated, both from within the small group of civil protection of the green cross of Villa Rosa.

I'm obviously talking about the camp organized by Yeti Rescue Training School Civil Defence Gran Sasso in Italy and designed to simulate various emergency situations.

There is already talk of this event in my previous article . Let me tell you, from my point of view as they went two days.

The departure Green Cross was gradually moved further and further behind until assestrarsi at 5.15. I think they know my chickens, I decided to arrange to arrive in Green Cross around 5.30 am, thinking surely not be the last to arrive.

At 5:14 am loading the bags in the car when I hear my phone ringing. Apparently the only latecomer's me and the others are already there all ready to go.

I then sling on roads Abruzzo and 5.25 are Green Cross, the time to transfer luggage and we are marching towards the first stage, the square exit dell'A14 Giulianova for the meeting with the Moscow group Sant ' Angel.

Another step to meet the group at dell'A25 of Teramo and then away to our destination: Santo Stefano di Sessanio (AQ).

This morning, for a day of May, is cold, cloudy with rain and risk remained so throughout the day with a deterioration in ovvimanente tant temperature 'is that in the end I had under suit pants and heavy security I was civil and above cotton T-shirt, shirt, fleece jacket and tracksuit civil protection yet passed the same cold, especially during breaks type dinner.

But things first.

Once on the football field that will, for two days our camp we proceeded to download parts of the tents by truck and, once placed in a circle all we have done to see step by step how to mount a tent. For myself it was the first time bringing into your tent only to disassemble during exercise pine forest and was therefore looking to mount it first and then as a supervisor during the assembly of the other tents of the other groups. Eventually, an accomplice or that all the curtains were installed properly or no one could eat, almost everything went smoothly except for some missing piece and not some hole holed.

At this point we expect the outdoor dining in the restaurant near by. Daily menu: pasta with cream sauce, and I think ham and the infamous tuna dish of beans and onion. Is already well supplied by terrorists then people will sleep in tents with this whole series of ammunition, if he considered that in fact the order of the ingredients were onions with beans and tuna, there is already suspect that the night was not best :-D

And now here come the first debate. In fact, due to the presence of staff from Isola del Gran Sasso, wonders aloud why there is no pork on the menu the fantastic Island. The controversy is part of the island after a solemn promise to deal with this inexcusable failure to dinner.

But back to the day and the preparations for the first exercise, the risk of new hydrogeological shown us the green crce. By Jeep and then we head to pump all the pond adjacent to the village dried up. Joke, llaghetto in question is approximately 50 meters in diameter and depth, we are told, seven meters. Next to the lake a church held together by metal band after shock of the earthquake a year ago.

Pick up the cart, the open and we see all the pieces of the pump, as they connect and how it works. In turn, all participants at the event, make yourself familiar with the pump, they learn to roll out the various tubes, to put it into operation and to draw the water. Furthermore it is explained how to handle the curious and, in the case of subways flooded, how to manage the various angry motorists using the tool of exception for this kind of management: the crick Jeep :-D

Returned to base camp, the groups are divided. One group goes to install, unfortunately for the fake radio at high altitudes. I say to pretend as a radio would improve in high place and addressed problems in the reception that we would later be because of lack of coverage in some areas following scenario simulations. Unfortunately no one had thought to bring a car battery for this bridge. Another group returns to the lake for some newcomers to show the pump and how to charge the water jeep fire protection equipment.

Touches my group instead of mounting curtain inaccessible locations. We are then transported on a mountain ridge and allowed them to erect the tent with the order to warn the camp when the curtain is mounted to control. Thanks to the morning and the fact that part of the tent was not unloaded from the truck, our intrepid mountain rescuers the Guinness tent in a time less than ten minutes. But the problem is around the corner. The base camp is reached by radio. Then contacts a person present in the camper mobile command, requesting to inform the commander that the team has assembled the tent and awaiting instructions.

Unfortunately the information does not arrive, but succeeding in contact with the radio, one of the other components of the green cross on the left base camp, we are informed so as to leave the tent and immediately return to base camp to participate in all other simulation sull'incendio forest.

Then we arrive at base camp just in time to join the column that will lead us in the mountains for the simulation of forest fire. Basically, it filled a metal tub filled with water, kerosene and gasoline through the hydrant and this fits into the jeep and equipment is explained and that is what is the right approach to try to extinguish fires of flammable liquids on water. At the end of the test is taken, the official group photo of the event.

So you return to base for a well-deserved meal of simple pasta sauce, sausages, cheese and pork, even if the ghostly rumors indicate that it has first been tasted by the dogs of the hotel. But this is a voice without further confirmation. The main topic of the dinner is still the great cold that penetrates to the bone despite the multi-layer and forcing myself, with the excuse of having to recharge your mobile phone to stay in the bar of the restaurant for about ten minutes to retrieve a bit 'body heat.

Stay at this point, the last day of training at night. That research scattered in the mountains. After a few moments of panic related to rumors about the expected time for this exercise, the TRE !!!!, actually discovers that exercise is also short of them are still talking of 22.30. We are therefore called as team leaders within the camp and are provided scant information about two missing hikers in the downstream part of the country.

Unfortunately a number of drawbacks to my team does not allow me to tell you what happened. I only heard of the presence of cinchiali around the "race field" that has frightened the two guinea pigs and had them holed up a tree where they were easily found by rescue teams so much so that the half we were in a tent .

Unfortunately, at least for myself, the night in a tent was not the best. First, various symphony orchestras of my roommates nose, then a small health problem led us to the hospital emergency department of L'Aquila. I took advantage to visit, live, the center of L'Aquila and I can assure you that an account is to see L'Aquila on television and see a live account is a ghost town with kitchens, bedrooms, living "on view, a city with balconies where there are clothes hanging from a year no one has the opportunity to withdraw. I swear it is impossible to suppress that frisson of fear and awe through his back.

However, after trying in vain to find a coffee machine in the hospital or a bar in L'Aquila, back to base camp to sleep even collapse for a couple of hours in a sleeping bag.

And here we are at 7.30 of a new day Waking up to the bitonal ambulances in the field. Consider a field of zombies who wander in search of a latrine, a barrel from which water flows and all'accecante looking for a coffee and a croissant and you have half an idea of the atmosphere that hovered in the field until 9:00 .

Finally found a semblance human zombies just in time for the last but the most interesting training event: the search for missing in Santo Stefano di Sessanio.

In the initial briefing we are informed that an earthquake shook the town and that ten people are still missing. The purpose of the four teams is to attack the country from the four cardinal points and find the missing group.

The group Green Cross, which has been assigned the stretcher spoon , decide, since we are more than ten and that we also have our own staff as well as two-frequency radio, to divide into two.

The foreman with Anthony and I and another four people. Only a few minutes later I realize that while the team of Anthony the stretcher, was one of my straps of the stretcher. He decided to send him back. Moreover, one of three remaining health of the group decides to leave on his own while I and the other, civil protection Mosciano, check the alleys of the country in search of the missing.

Worse for him because our mini-team of two people is missing the first of the day: a person in apparent confusion. After calming down, Anthony Co., which in turn contact the master. Given that the base does not know that we are separate orders for carrying a rescuer confusion and accompany him to the PMA, the advanced medical. Since two of us, both falling back from the country and head to the LDCs, on our arrival was completely empty despite coordination ensures that there is no medical staff.

Smoll confusion with the guinea pig in order to destroy the PMA and return the country to continue the search.

My desire to find the guinea pig in our group, Melanie, is fulfilled since, in an alley, up a staircase, I find lying on the ground, in pain. She claims not to hear anything from the neck down and was overtaken by debris falling from heights. A clear case of polytraumatized patient with probable damage to the spine.

Locked spine, call Anthony and ask your doctor for support for the spinal and sending the other EMT to await the team at the town hall square of Santo Stefano di Sessanio. Meanwhile myself and the patient we relax and shoot some souvenir photos.

Relief finally arrives and bitter surprise, arriving with the stretcher to spoon but without cord. Me and the patient, among other things is also a rescuer, we refuse to use the stretcher and given that the patient was in stable condition, ask you to wait for the disengagement of the cord but the doctor gives us this: "no, carry it with the stretcher. " Though stunned, having ordered the doctor, I am going to make the necessary moves to transfer Malani on the stretcher despite the show of the same.

The great thing was when, arrived in the square where there was also a patient with a broken leg put on a cord, see our patient yelling all about the fact that she, polytrauma, was placed on a stretcher while a simple spoon with spinal fracture was restrained on the spider and all appurtenances.

Really funny although it is difficult not to give her reason. In a real case, personally, a call to 118 would have made central to confirm transport of poltraumatizzato, stable, with no security problems on the stretcher to the scene spoon.

But that's okay. Eventually, we both found two of the ten missing, and we had a great time of personal growth.

Finally we close the day with a ceremony of an ambulance donated by Green Cross of Viareggio group of Santo Stefano di Sessanio and lunch, this time in a restaurant Barisciano based gnocchi, tagliatelle and porcini mushrooms and mixed grill.

End your day return to the Green Cross, to return home and return to bed where I then spent the next 14 hours to recover the lost last week.

In conclusion, totally positive experience, with some small problems but they serve to form, grow and improve in the hope that this remains always just an exercise.

More photos in my album on Flickr with all the high-resolution images, in ' album of Angela Medori , in ' album of Melanie , in ' album Alessandro Lelli and in ' album of Umberto Rosini.

Tomorrow my short video on YouTube.

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