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Sunday, May 30 the National Laboratories of Gran Sasso will be open to the public at the now traditional OpenDay .

I'll be there along with a delegation TeLUG to show to the public, the benefits of the Linux operating system and some technological goodies.

Sunday If you have nothing to do, come visit us for a day of cultural experiments and discoveries.

Among the animation program:

  • Construction objects in balance - Children and adults create structures that must be in perfect balance on a single point of support. It turns out some of the laws of static equilibrium associated with the performance of circus artists.
  • Construction tornado in a bottle - a little water and two bottles to create a small tornado pocket and simulate one of the most violent weather phenomena in nature
  • Building fire-rings - The challenge to make smoke rings for everyone. with cans and balloons elastic pocket machines are built to create smoke rings.
  • The giant whirlpool - A Plexiglas cylinder mounted on a metal base and has a rotating blade inside is filled with water up to six feet. The shovel can be put in rotation by the public and create a giant whirlpool.
  • Shoot-rings giants - some large cardboard boxes turn into machines smoke rings useful to introduce some basic concepts related to the turmoil.
  • Science in the clouds - short demonstration lasting 20 minutes at the most appropriate one another in the afternoon. Demonstrations on atmospheric phenomena in fog tornado bottled up in the smoke rings of volcanoes.
  • UP - Walking for children with harness and some helium balloon to help them overcome the force of gravity.

If you're one of the lucky ones, you can also book a visit to the underground laboratories under the Gran Sasso tunnel A24.

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