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Micso covers the entire St. John Teatino in Wireless

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Remember when, a couple of weeks ago, I said the sinking in my super caused by the preparation of some public events. Well, the first of these has just been awarded and Micso cover the entire area of the town of San Giovanni Teatino (CH) in providing wireless connectivity to all municipal buildings and all citizens to one of the lowest prices in Europe, something like 10 euros per month for a flat connection.

As reported also the site of the town of San Giovanni Teatino:

Within six months Teatino St. John will be in effect as one of the most advanced municipalities in Italy in terms of connectivity, web, and especially as one of the world where Internet is available to everyone with the lowest cost Europe

Too bad that for once we are talking about us, wrong name

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One Response to "cover the entire St. John Micso Teatino in Wireless"

  • Charles Peacock writes:

    Emiliano hello. One of my curiosity ... but at that price failed to cover investment + maintenance?



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