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Marathon Piceno 2010

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This morning wake up early to go to help implement the food service and then take advantage of it, instead of ' last year , to get a dozen km of racing the 2010 edition of the Maratona del Piceno in Porto San Giorgio in recent province of Fermo.

Time is not the best and still fall a drizzle that annoying, since the previous days, is lowering the temperature to levels fall. When leaving home, I looked forward to the 12th and then the equipment to carry around is surely multiply.

The arrival in Porto San Giorgio and now we are immersed in preparations for the preparation of foodstuffs to be given to competitors. We try to solve some problems related to rain continues to beat and, finally, around 8:00 leaving the organization to change me for the race.

At 8:20 am ready, on the seafront of Porto San Giorgio 1400 along with other athletes who will race for the 9km and 42km classic, of course I'm writing the first :-D

Departure time also helped perfect the rain finally stopped raining and the final temperature has risen by little to make it perfect for a foot race.

The fantastic sight of 1400 athletes at the start. Unfortunately, on a personal level, the race was marred by a nasty fall to the right calf, which began from the first kilometers, fell to fifth and acutitosi again until after the race I did think several times to withdraw. Eventually I arrived but the time and location is obviously not classifiable.

Too bad because today I could really give much but certainly will next time.

This time, unlike last year, with impeccable organization and personnel of deviations clearly marked race and civil protection at every intersection and turn. No fault either in the restaurant with bread and chocolate, cake, bread and bologna, bread and tomato etc.

Thanks to the perfect start on time, at 8.30, returning home at 10:30 is a happy surprise for me and for your kind wife. Well then they are departing early races but allow to be home at a decent time Sunday.

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