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Head Tracking using the Wiimote

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All of you will recognize the object on the right. And 'the Wii Remote Controller Wiimore also called the "remote" which played to console the Wii .

But not all reflect often on the technology behind this advanced controller, thanks to a sensor sensitive to infrared light and precise accelerometer, detects the exact position of the wiimote to the screen, tilting and movements.

In fact, thanks to all this technology available to its interior, some wondered if it was not possible to use data from the Wiimote other than playing for us.

Everything comes from a study of Johnny Chung Lee, a researcher who is currently working with Microsoft to the "Christmas" who managed to create a simple interface in the language. NET, to interface with the Wiimote.

What I realized today, based on what has been done by Johnny, is a proof of concept of how, using the infrared sensor inside the Wiimote, two infrared LEDs mounted on a pair of goggles that in lieu of the bar Wii sensor, it is possible to accurately track the head position as a function of the screen.

This allows virtually transform your monitor schema according to the point of view of creating virtual worlds in three dimensions that fit the position of the head. The monitor adapts and reacts to the movements of the head and body as if it were a real window onto a virtual world, creating a realistic illusion of depth and 3D space.

If you are interested in a practical demonstration of how a game can become useful, I think I bring this experiment all'OpenDay to be held May 30 at the National Laboratories of Gran Sasso to show to the public.

Meanwhile, here's a short video of a camera, placed on my head while I move, wearing goggles in front of a monitor with a position recognition software developed by Johnny.

This is the video of the experiment instead of Johnny Chung Lee of explanations including (in English).

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