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Day laboratories of Gran Sasso for OpenDay

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Field day of the May 30, 2010 on the occasion of ' OpenDay at the National Laboratories of Gran Sasso , where a whole day, the laboratories were open to the public.

I, along with friends of Telug , were present outside the auditorium, with a couple of banquet on which we showed to the interested spectators, the Linux operating system and some open source solutions. Two banks, our computers with many different Linux distributions from Mandriva to Ubuntu to Mac Maury strictly with all open source software. At a banquet in part, a couple of my achievements in the plexiglass and the Gran Sasso laboratory in addition to the ubiquitous TUX and a couple of cards MikroTik which, within an embedded Linux operating system that we use as a firewall, router and the radio.


Great interest among the smallest were the projections, one every hour of cartoon Big Buck Bunny fully realized following the open source philosophy, led by Maury which also showed KStars , the excellent open source planetarium.

Claudio showed and explained Joomla the best CMS currently on the square, loaded, for the occasion on his laptop.


and I showed how to modify the Wiimotion for use as sensors for virtual reality applications . Public enthusiasm for this application where the phrase most frequently was: "That's cool."

The great Hugh instead gave us a hand across the organization and management of the event, thanks. And of course, my thanks go to all the staff of LNGS and in particular to Stefano Stal, without which our participation was not possible.

Thank you all for making it possible this little event in dell'OpenDay. You missed it? Do not worry, next year we will be there with new and amazing achievements.

More impressions on the event can be found in Article written by Maury , you can see his photos and my flickr.

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