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31 ° Pretuziana Marathon in Teramo

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Updated impressions on the event, the video of the race and the GPS plan.

Let's start by saying that the marathon pretuziana is not what the first glance it might seem.

Only 9km on a walking tour that, on paper, seems virtually flat may seem like a half walk. But do not be fooled, it's not all.

The route is a continuous succession of short climbs that break down your breath and read that do not allow any recovery.

Finally, a first initial round of 800 meters and two laps around 4Km that totally put a strain on the athlete.

If one then adds that, partly because of the short distance, the overall pace of the athletes is on average higher than other races long ago that all things considered, despite the excellent personal performance, I found myself almost suffered a stroke in the semi-solitary, unlike, for example, of Roseto, where, despite slightly higher with time, I was almost always in groups.

Hot day, but with a slight breeze, it was almost perfect for racing.

What about the organization, practically perfect. Well-marked path guys and civil protection staff or almost anywhere to block the roads, even if in one of the most critical moments, the first round of 800 meters, a couple of cars, including a smart just after a turn, created moments of panic among athletes.

Excellent dining located just after the arrival. So there, you did another 20 meters and you were eating and well. No row to retrieve the food, and many liquids for us poor thirsty camels after the race.

I have to find Devvo critical in this race? Then the first critical inevitable cobblestones that are obviously put a strain on feet and ankles.

The other, also this inevitable for a city tour, are sharp curves, especially in the early stages, when the group is more compact, which makes the insult of those traits.

Finally, and this is the only thing in my opinion improved: a goody bag that was made only and only two bottles of wine. For me I would have preferred many beautiful champions, test supplements, creams, a shirt and / or other and I would leave completely miss the wine as in other races in which I participated.

Here are some moments of the pre-race, departure and my arrival in addition to a sight of relief.

Positioning in the lower rankings, 309 on 379 arrived to show that, despite my good performance, the level of the other athletes was really high.

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