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Deans - Emergency stretcher

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I take the occasion of the beginning of the first aid course in green cross to start with a series of articles about the world of emergency safeguards present in the ambulance, starting from the stretcher you see below without the presence of the mattress on which is higher place the patient.

The stretcher and 'obviously a stretcher equipped with retractable legs and castors and is' used exclusively for loading the patient into the ambulance. It should therefore only used the roadway so that, for example, the patient until the ambulance entrance of the dwelling.

It must never be used to transport the patient over long distances, stairs and pathways inconvenient because it ensures adequate security of patient transport.

The procedures to implement the stretcher are substantially

  • killing ground of the stretcher without patient
  • positioning the patient on the stretcher,
  • lifting the stretcher with patient on board
  • load the stretcher into the ambulance with the patient,
  • lowering the patient from the ambulance stretcher.

The killing ground of the stretcher, usually charge the driver of the ambulance stretcher provides an approach to the patient subject to the constraints mentioned above, therefore, for example, in the case of an intervention in a dwelling, the stretcher is placed a point near the exit of the building being careful to allow easy exit of the patient transported by other elements of the team. The stretcher should not be so placed, in this case, immediately opposite the exit door but Forexample, sideways or a little later.

The killing itself the closure of the wheels and the position of the stretcher on the ground depends on the stretcher, and this function can be performed easily by one or two rescuers. In both cases the killing is done by turning the control knobs legs placed on the side where you will find the patient's feet.

The reduction to a single rescuer provides that the stretcher is lifted up and placed side by side head to the ground. Then shall the release of the feet using the front right flipper. This way you can accompany the stretcher head slowly to the ground. Once this is done we shall act on the lever that unlocks the left hind feet allowing lay the stretcher on the floor.

The rescuer then shall release the security side armrest on the side where it is assumed that will lay the patient cighie unlock the security and adagierà ground to avoid falling under the patient when they can be made up on the stretcher. Finally, we will scrape by on the stretcher any drapes, blankets and more.

Loading the patient on the stretcher on the ground requires that rescuers positioned beside the patient to the stretcher, the lateral side where the lip has been opened. Then the patient will be reflected on the stretcher together with any principals to which the patient is attached (oxygen, saturimentro, etc. ..).

It then raised the bank security side, are connected to the straps around the waist and chest of the patient and if necessary, up the back to allow a more comfortable patient position or lift the back of the stretcher in the event of a patient in hypovolemic shock . It is also positioned on the patient any towels or blankets if necessary.

At this point the stretcher with patient on board is ready to be raised. Two rescuers arising in the head and foot of the stretcher with handrails and grab his hands, taking care afferrrare the stretcher with your palms facing up, feet together and hands outside of the foot. Looking to each other you make a count to three and in three rises in the stretcher as smoothly as possible.

The stretcher is then driven by two rescuers and aligned with the loading platform this ambulance. The rescuer at the foot pushes the stretcher toward the platform while the rescuer at the head ensures proper alignment of the stretcher and, once the front wheels have taken hold on the platform, helps the rising slope of the stretcher in the ambulance, and gently pulling on whether the head of the stretcher.

The rescuer at the foot, once she is satisfied that the front wheels have taken on the platform using the right lever unlocks the front wheels so that, hitting on the platform, they retreat under the stretcher. The rescuer at the foot continues pushing the stretcher on the platform until you realize that the hind feet are about to touch the platform. Before this happens, using the lever on the left, unlock the back foot by increasing the force which holds the stretcher, because after the release of the hind feet, all the weight of the section still anchored to the platform will not rest on his hands. When the rear legs of a stretcher, will be released up against the platform, will withdraw allowing the rescuer to complete the positioning of the trolley on the platform.

In order to secure the stretcher, the rescuer lifting a lever on this platform will stop, by a firm, the stretcher preventing any acceleration and deceleration of the ambulance to move it.

Once at the hospital, the descent of the stretcher with patient on board avviente in this way. Are open both rear doors of the ambulance. You remove the stop on the platform that captures the stretcher.

A rescuer at the foot of the stretcher, begins to pull paying attention since, at this moment, all the weight of the stretcher burden on your hands. Like the rear feet are freed from the platform, fall to the ground lock. Continuing to pull the front feet also fall to the ground and go to stop. For added security, a second rescuer if the side of the stretcher, with his foot, slightly blocking the front wheels, ensuring the effective blockade of the feet.

The first rescuer can 'possibly support such a move by pressing down the stretcher and then gently lifting the front.

Then the patient is brought inside the hospital for treatment if

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