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Spring Walk in Roseto degli Abruzzi (TE)

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Updated with photos, videos and impressions after publication.

Finally, after many days of rain, a sunny day, just in time to fully enjoy the "Walk of Spring" in Roseto degli Abruzzi (TE), a 11 km foot race.

Departure at 10.00, but now accustomed to the hours of Marche, in advance usually half an hour than the Abruzzi, we are in the parking lot of the sports hall in advance and immediately go to retrieve the chest that are given in a small closet inside the building. Do you imagine the crowd as you can, in part, also enjoy the movie below.

Also, oddly enough, give the race packs immediately upon the withdrawal of the chest. This means that we must shoulder the work in four to collect and deliver parcels seventeen race to the car.

And finally here is that, unlike previous races, I have my chest with my personal name and surname. Avis Controguerra has finally meshed the right gear to become the largest company Running it deserves.

So let's departure date so weird. All under the ball before arrival, then one moves a few feet forward and then finally we go. Very strong start for the under signed at 4:00 mins / km due to the fact that I wanted to continue at least for a few seconds of starting the group. The problem is to go below this rate and in fact went down slightly against a number of pulses far too excessive for a race for my age with an average and say average of 182 BPM.

It still runs all Roseto, heading north and then the climb to Montepagano, that never ended. Too bad for the organization that has not properly locked car that you were behind and were then often forced to remain always on the alert.

After the climb freewheel down to the valley Vomano and the first refreshment. A note on the refreshments, too few people to manage them, and then arrived and located ever a glass ready. This has forced many to stop and wait for a drink. Really unacceptable. I was content of the wipes.

The arrival, as you can see from the video, really suffered but rewarding. Length of 10.82 km on the 11 km race declared, not bad accuracy even if the signs along the road was all wrong with errors, or defects in excess of 500 meters and beyond.

Refreshments final adjusted, even if there were slices of bread with Nutella ;( . Last surprise of the day, giving back the chest was obtained a Magnum White gelatozzo kind gift. Not bad.

Eventually, 54.54 min to 10.82 km with virtually 5min/km media. Not bad. 236esimo absolute position.

Everything and more in short clips of video I shot during the event

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One Response to "Spring Walk in Roseto degli Abruzzi (TE)"

  • Aetius writes:

    The race was very beautiful. Gorgeous day, beautiful people. Pleasant route.
    In marked in dining, for the time needed to get some water. Willing and diligent workers but not enough to meet the number of competitors.


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