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Finally, after several months of inactivity, the site Garmin Connect , where you can download all your recorded foot race with the various Garmin watches including my 305 , was renewed.

Many innovations from the more waiting: the possibility of including in a blog, a summary of its activities with the Google map. I had done a little 'reverse engineered in order to put my stats on this blog but now, a small portion is included in the Garmin itself. This below, for example, is my last race : that of Martinsicuro

Garmin Connect site were also adds a number of features and views section summaries in addition to adding the error correction of raw data from the GPS altitude.

As we see, also, now the graphics speed, altimeter and heart rate are visible simultaneously and have the ability to display the average and zoom on the data.

A big step forward, one has to say. For my part, I hope soon in new additions and improvements to this excellent site.

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