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My life in a ditch

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I'm almost thinking of renaming this blog with the title above. Why? Because I seem to see me in a ditch and more can I groped to get out more and sink.

Having to do a billion things, he was just sitting at the PC and groped to make it a, you know what I get him? A boulder! Monday I have to respond to a call for a large Italian firm.

Now I wonder, knowing that they must do a billion things, how will I work Saturday and Sunday at No 1000000001?

Remember this post when you see I do not update the blog daily. The reason is the increasingly deep ditch

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2 Responses to "My Life in a ditch"

  • Maury wrote:

    But the work ennobles man ... :) .

    Greeting ;) .


    Emiliano Bruni's Reply:

    Now I'm so stressed out that I need a nice jog .... yet it is raining. But I do not care. Just returned my wife going to make me a dozen miles or, given the awful weather, a few laps :-D


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