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My date of birth and Pi Greek

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My birth date is within most greek after the decimal trentanovemilioniottocentosessantaseimilacentoventottesima

80218453843775213357 50650940269141378703 21071969

Obviously, I position it so much better if I try my date without the millennium. In this case I position it "only" after cinquecentoquarantacinquemilacinquecentotrentaquattresimo

93472125903381033962 10135920641844272757 210769

And you? What position is your date of birth within the digits of pi greek?

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2 Responses to "My birth date and Pi Greek"

  • ryuujin writes:

    um ... not good. You have to try using standard ISO 8601 Date Format: YYYYMMDD ;) In this case it looks:
    The string 19690721 Occurs at position 2,035,916 counting from the first digit after the decimal point. The 3. Is not Counted.

    The string and surrounding digits:

    54415436332771266947 38049176033391739010 19690721

    I see:
    The string did not Occur 19820622 200000000 in the first digits of pi after position 0.
    (Sorry! Do not give up, Pi contains lots of other cool strings.)


  • Gwendalyne writes:

    Strong that site! :-) "The string ******** (yes, a lady never reveals her age ;-) ) Did not Occur in the first 200000000 digits of pi after position 0. " :-( However, if you omit the first two digits of the year, exceeding nine hundred and seventeen thousand, here I find the string ...


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