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My first 21 Km

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I had to wait 41 years to reach the half marathon distance by road, thus continuing to 82 years I'll be ready for the marathon :P .

Seriously, historic day, to Saturday, at least for me as I managed to make my personal record of distance traveled, a 21 km road race. Practically, as shown below, I made the cemetery Ankaran, then went down to Torano and then, through Campodino, I reached Nereto Controguerra and I returned from St. Joseph.

Two hours and ten of hard work even if I have to admit, as someone had correctly predicted the last three or four miles I was suffering extreme and I came home really with the spoon.

I recovered almost to 23:00 after gallons of liquid replenished and an excellent dinner of red meat, bread and chocolate egg.

At this point the percentage of hope to complete the 21 miles of San Benedetto del Tronto on Sunday up from 0% to 20%. Let's hope so :)

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