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Hardware from deeper vacuum

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I've seen things you people can not even imagine, but I had never ever seen anything like that.

Okay today is April 1st, it's good that the material be returned in perfect condition is a sign of civility and respect for the company that sent you the equipment but this is bordering on paranoia.

Steps for the power supply and PoE injector, two items for the price of one, but the clamp for securing the pole is beyond my possible explanation.

And then, what about the installation CD that have suffered the same treatment?

It goes without saying that these relics will never be exposed to air and will remain so in the MICS, as posthumous memory, the specific nature of some users.

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2 Responses to "Hardware from deeper vacuum"

  • Max writes:

    'cause we do not send to us the customer so' : D


    Emiliano Bruni Reply:

    Come on, we would be a bit 'absurd as vacuum bagging does not add anything more. Much better, but so polistiirolo.


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