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It 's been a sad year since 6 April 2009. Immediately after the disaster, two thousand Aquilano arrived in our private area in mind and body.

After one year we can claim to be a successful in trying to house them decently.
Volunteers of the Public Service Green Cross already April 6 at 7:00 in the morning were at L'Aquila with ambulances and civil defense.

The bulk of the work but was held in Martock, our company quickly became a hub for food and clothing, thanks to 120 volunteers who are suddenly all volunteers of Civil Defence.

An important response came from many Martinsicuresi who came to help with their arms and those who have brought consumer goods to be distributed to earthquake victims.

Martock has responded well!

Mayor Di Salvatore Abraham at the head of the COC gave confidence to the Green Cross and the same was done by Dr. Alessandrini, head of the National Civil Protection in Giulianova.

Thank you for the trust given to us by you all.

Thanks to the campsite managers, restaurateurs, hoteliers, traders, landlords and municipal employees who leave, with their availability, decent reception to these unfortunate brothers.

The summary of our activities can be summarized as follows:

  • 11,300 packets of food distributed to eight months in L'Aquila
  • About 10,000 pieces of clothing and shoes distributed
  • 3693 km covered in their service
  • more than 1,000 rounds of services provided by Volunteers
  • About € 10,000 spent by the association to meet the various needs.

We also monitored every day for months, the logistical situation and health of guests. We took care of their needs eye, dental and health care, including veterinary small animal.

We are pleased to have done all this together with you

And yet, together with you, Tuesday, April 6 we end up with a candlelight vigil to remember .

21.00: Start of the procession in the parish of Santa Teresa of Calcutta
21.30: Arrival at Piazza Cavour and the celebration of Holy Mass in the Sacred Heart Church in memory of victims of the April 6

Volunteers of Green Cross

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